Sale Ideas

Selling Tips

  • Provide sanitizing station

  • Group similar items together

  • Space out tables and items for sale to allow for proper social distancing

  • Make sure what you're displaying is clean and in working order

  • Place breakables out of reach of children

  • Display big or showy items closest to the street

  • If selling electronics, have extension cord ready so people can test equipment

  • Straighten and rearrange items when you have down time

Pricing Ideas

  • Have stickers, pens/markers and tape on hand in advance. Find at dollar store, online.

  • Price everything in advance!

  • Do not label items, MAKE ME AN OFFER! It is more successful to put a slightly higher price than you'd take for it and let people haggle you down.

  • Follow the 50-30-10 rule. New items 50% of retail, slightly used items 30% of retail, used items 10% of retail.

  • More pricing ideas here.

Young Entrepreneurs

  • Sell lemonade or other beverages.
    (pre-packaged only)

  • Sell Cookies / Treats
    (pre-packaged store bought treats only)

  • Sell the toys they no longer play with.

  • Trading cards like Pokemon