Covid Info

Garage sales can be a bit different in the age of Covid. Here are some guidelines for sellers and buyers.


  • Require Masks

  • Mandate buyer limits (example: only allow 4 buyers per time in sale area)

  • Distance tables and items

  • Set up a sanitizing station

  • Consider electronic payments (Make a sign displaying the payments you can accept. Example: PayPal, Cash App, Venmo)

  • Use painters tape on ground to show 6’ distance

  • Sort clothing/shoes, etc, by size and mark clearly!

  • Consider having a cash box like a piggy bank, if the buyer has exact change, they can place the money in your box or bank themselves limiting touch points. Sanitize this box/bank clean frequently.


  • Don’t go if you or someone in your household is not feeling well. Better safe than sorry.

  • Don’t linger

  • Clean your purchases

  • Carry wipes and hand sanitizer with you

  • Consider leaving kids at home

  • If you see people waiting to enter a specific sale, limit your shopping time to allow others in.

  • Be prepared with exact change!